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You can't wait until something bad happens before you consider putting things in order.

You can't wait until something bad happens before you consider putting things in order.


I am constantly stunned at the blindness that a large portion of people display towards protecting themselves against the financial devastation that is a result of some of the main problems faced by all of us. We are all going to die at time, we are all going to incur debt, we all know someone that has been struck down by a life threatening illness, yet there are still some people who believe it VITALLY important to protect their car through Car Insurance yet they leave themselves and their closest family members at risk.

I guess the main reason that people are naive or reluctant is that no one really wants to admit that they are mortal, fallible or at risk. Unfortunately I found out that I was a mortal human with an Achilles heal (literally) too late. I ended up in a Government Hospital being operated on by students in a procedure that would either let me walk again...or not. I was lucky, there are some that aren't.

All I'm saying is that it's not rocket science, nor will a Financial Adviser misguide you. All a FA will do is help you in guiding you through a very simple process that will allow you to ensure that you and your loved ones are looked after should anything happen to you.

Next time you drive past a guy in a wheelchair, begging for money for food on the side of the road, just think to yourself "If I lost the ability to earn money due to illness or disability, how far a fall would it be until I'm in the same situation"?

It's a harsh reality but a reality non-the-less. Being able to earn an income is what pays for our food, rent or bond, car, cell phone, clothes, education, etc, etc. If you loose that ability, how are you and your family going to take care of themselves?

For a very small monthly premium (much smaller than you'd think) you can protect yourself against the main problems thrown at you by life while still retaining your sense of worth, knowing that even thought you can no longer earn a living you will still be able to live.

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