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Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation


Wealth creation is the Holy Grail for almost every human being and being able to create wealth is a skill that is highly sought after.
The investment environment is one that is constantly changing and a skilled wealth creator requires a firm grasp of the numerous investment houses and their many product offerings as well as the ever changing local and global economies, and how they would impact on oneís investments.
You work hard for your money and I believe that your investment broker should work equally hard and have as much respect for you and your investment capital as you do, and it is this that commitment that I offer you.
I will design an investment portfolio and strategy that caters to your unique desires and requirements and work closely with you so that you feel in control and abreast of where your money is.
Whether you want to start a brand new investment, change or review an existing portfolio, or discuss tax efficient options for surrendering, transferring or structuring your investments, you would get caring, clear and experienced guidance and advice.
So if you need a unit trust for a planned vacation, an endowment strategy for your childrenís education, retirement investing for your autumn years, or any blend of the numerous offerings for whatever reason you have, together we can create a bespoke investment portfolio for you.


Retirement Planning


Ensuring that you have enough capital available for the years after you stop working is one of the most important elements of financial planning. Currently only 6% of South Africans will be able to retire at 65 with an acceptable quality of life. Donít leave this critical aspect of financial planning too late.




Education Investing


Any parent will know that one of the most expensive elements of life is education, and unlike property investing, at the end of the 20 years of costs, you are not left with a sellable asset. By investing into a mid-term investment strategy you can look forward to ultimately paying far less towards the total education costs than someone who does not have such a strategy in place. Paying in the present is far more expensive that investing for the future.


Home Investing


Property investing is a strong way of creating wealth as it gives you an asset that appreciated in value while at the same time generating a passive income for you. There are ways to ensure that you can reduce the length of time that you need repay a bond, ensuring that your investment starts paying you back sooner.




Personal Goals


We all have hopes and dreams. It could be an engagement ring or an Audi R8. Investing money for a personal goal in a short to mid-term strategy can often bring your dream closer through the beauty that is compound interest. Einstein called it the 8th wonder of the world and he truly was spot-on.


Family Wealth


Being able to spent time with your family instead of being stuck behind a desk until way past retirement age should be more than just a goal. Having financial peace of mind and stability should be one of the principle driving forces for all. Your investment portfolios can best meet the needs of your short, mid and long term financial goals


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