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Wealth Protection

Wealth Protection


Admittedly, investing is the most desirable aspect of personal financial planning and it is the element that provides tangible results, but it is also the most at risk from unforeseen events and it is the wealth protection elements of insurance that would ultimately protect your hard earned capital from things that could instantly erase your investments.

It is because of the unpredictability of personal risk and the impact that it could have that makes the wealth protection a crucially important foundation on which your wealth creation strategy should be built.

No one really likes taking about insurances but a well-structured insurance portfolio can be the difference between life and death, financial strength or bankruptcy so it is only the fool who belittles the value of this aspect of the total service offering available here.


Personal risk cover


Death cover
Critical Disease cover
Disability/Impairment cover
Income replacement
Education insurance


Estate planning




Medical options


Hospital plans
Medical aids
Gap cover
Loyalty programs


Short term insurance


Vehicle and household insurance


Business needs


Personal liability insurance
Buy & Sell policies
Key person cover
Contingent Liability

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